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Ginkgo Biloba Memory Enhancing Brain Supplement

Ginkgo Biloba Memory Enhancing Brain Supplement

Ginkgo biloba offers a large number of memory enhancing benefits. One of the largest has to do with how it helps to increase both short and long-term memory.

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Using ginkgo biloba for memory enhancing has been a practice used throughout the world. In addition, people have used the now oldest tree in the world for medicinal purposes as well.

Around 5,000 years ago, ginkgo biloba use became widespread. Presently, an increasing number of people over the age of 50 are using ginkgo biloba for memory.

Many believe ginkgo biloba for memory use helps to counteract memory loss, while additionally restoring it.

When people use ginkgo biloba for memory, flavenoids and terpenoids effect the brain in a positive way. Therefore, some refer to ginkgo biloba as brain tonic.

Ultimately, flavenoids help to control the free radical responsible for premature aging and dementia. In general, the central nervous system is the most vulnerable to free radicals.

However, favenoid compounds work to stabilize the cell membranes, while additionally causing blood vessels and red blood cells to gain in flexibility.

This results in an increase in blood flow, which acts as nourishment for places within the brain, hands, limbs, as well as other extremities. Increased blood flow, ultimately results in an increased amount of oxygen to the brain.

When this occurs, this increases brain function, such as concentration, memory, and problem solving. Therefore, this works well for those who are older, since age causes a decrease in blood flow, which in turn causes memory loss.

Terpenoids on the other hand have gingolides, which at to block the platelet activating factor (PAF).

PAF represents a clotting substance, when overstimulated has the potential to cause asthma, allergies, and stroke.

Ginkgo Biloba Memory Enhancing Brain Supplement

Therefore, ginkgo biloba for memory works well to treat things as degenerating diseases. This includes things such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Currently, Germany has approved the use of ginko biloba for memory in patients with Alzheimer’s. Generally, this treatment entails a dosage of 240 mg of ginkgo biloba for memory on a daily basis.

In 1997, the Journal of American Medical Association published information on how using ginkgo biloba on a daily basis could counteract the onset of Alzheimer’s by six to 12 months.

Therefore, ginkgo biloba for memory has taken the forefront in battling memory disorders.

Therefore, ginkgo biloba for memory could potentially give the key to freeing people from the effects of memory loss.

Further research could potentially lead to the type of cure people have been looking for and no longer pose one of the problems faced by many of the old and some who are young.

Ginkgo Biloba: Superb Supplement For Your Brain Power

This ancient Chinese herb is an extract made from the leaf of the Ginkgo tree. It is the most well-documented plant extract used to support brain function – there are more than 1,000 studies of Ginkgo Biloba from all over the world.

The consensus is that Ginkgo does help many people improve a variety of brain functions. It has been shown to minimize age-related memory problems (affecting learning, short-term memory, and recall), concentration problems, and absentmindedness.

It may also help ease dizziness and vertigo, which often accompany forgetfulness, and tinnitus (ringing in the ears).

A 1995 study found that high doses of Ginkgo helped Alzheimer’s patients as well.

Another very rigorous study published in 1997 in the Journal of the American Medical Association duplicated these results: Patients who took Ginkgo for one month enjoyed improved memory and attention span; this improvement was even more noticeable when patients took the herb for three months.

However, many experts believe its more significant contribution may be as a preventer of cognitive decline than as a treatment.

Ginkgo is very popular in Germany and France, where more than 10 million prescriptions are written every year; in the United States it is available without a prescription.

The role of herbs bacopa and ginkgo biloba on memory enhancement

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Ginkgo seems to accomplish its many miracles in several ways.

In the first place, it increases the circulation of blood to the brain, which improves the supply of oxygen, nutrients, and glucose.

This enables neurons to create the energy and other chemical reactions you need to think and remember.

It also boosts circulation to the inner ear, thus explaining its power to help heal tinnitus and dizziness, a malfunction of the nerves in the ear.

In the second place, Ginkgo protects against free-radical damage and reduces inflammation.

This further improves circulation by keeping your cardiovascular system in shape, and also protects the nerve cells themselves.


It is recommended that you take an extract standardized to 24 percent flavoneglycosides and 6 percent terpenelactones, or capsules of the dried herb.

For prevention take 40 mg of standardized extract, or 120 mg of capsules daily, in divided doses.

You may take up to three times this dose if you have mild to moderate symptoms.

Some people notice an improvement within two to three weeks of beginning treatment, but, in most cases, you need to take Ginkgo for at least three months before you enjoy the full benefits.

Gingko biloba is essentially devoid of any serious side effects.

Some people have reported mild headaches for a day or two when starting the herb, and some people have reported mild stomach upset.

Do not take Ginkgo if you are on a blood-thinning medication, including aspirin or ibuprofen, because Ginkgo can add to the blood-thinning effect.

For the same reason, avoid taking Ginkgo for two weeks prior to any surgery, including oral surgery.

Ginkgo Biloba Memory Enhancing Brain Supplement

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