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Oxiracetam Nootropic : Powerful Cognitive Enhancer, Brain Supplement

Oxiracetam Nootropic : Powerful Cognitive Enhancer, Brain Supplement

Oxiracetam One of the Most Powerful Nootropics in the Racetam Family.

What is Oxiracetam

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Oxiracetam is a nootropic derived from piracetam and is a mild stimulant.

The cognitive benefits of oxiracetam are improved concentration and focus, greater attention span, improved learning capacity and logical thinking.

It also is a stimulant and increases mental energy, alertness and motivation. Some studies suggest that it may promote and preserve brain health.

The effects of oxiracetam are similar to piracetam, but are more potent and longer lasting. The effects of oxiracetam usually take an hour to be felt and can last eight hours.

Oxiracetam Nootropic : Powerful Cognitive Enhancer, Brain Supplement

Benefits and Effects of Oxiracetam 

Oxiracetam was developed in the 1970’s as a derivative of piracetam. Although similar, oxiracetam is about five times more potent than piracetam.

It is being extensively studied as a possible treatment for memory loss due to Alzheimer’s.

Oxiracetam has cognitive benefits of improving memory, learning capacity, concentration and focus.

It is also a mild stimulant that increases mental energy and motivation. It has also proven to be well-tolerated, even at high doses and long-term use.

Studies indicate that oxiracetam not only improves memory in general, but also increases the speed of recall, making it popular with students when studying for and taking exams.

Some users believe that it helps improve analytical and reasoning skills as well.

The mild stimulant effect of oxiracetam also helps maintain focus and concentration while not producing a jittery effect common with stimulants.

Of all the racetams, oxiracetam’s benefits are the most cognitive targeted and make it the most popular among students.


Oxiracetam is well-tolerated, even at high dosages, and doesn’t seem to have any serious side effects.

A 400mg dose of oxiracetam taken two or three times a day is recommended and not to exceed 2400mg in a 24-hour period.

Although oxiracetam is tolerated at higher doses, there does not appear to be any additional benefit at a higher dose.

There have not been any serious side effects reported with oxiracetam. The most common reported side effect is headaches, which are common with any racetam.

It is also a mild stimulant, so it is not recommended to take it close to bed time as it may interfere with sleep.

Oxiracetam is available in pill or powdered form. The powdered form is water soluble, so it can be mixed in a glass of water, juice or other beverage.

Side Effects

Oxiracetam is very safe and has very few documented side effects, even when taken in large doses.

The most common side effect reported is headaches, which is common with any racetam, and can be easily avoided by taking either Alpha GPC or CDP choline with it.


Oxiracetam does very well on its own to boost cognitive functions but can be stacked with other nootropics to attain maximum results.

Whenever taking a racetam, it’s recommended that you take a choline supplement as well.

Choline will not only maximize the effects of the racetam, but it will also help decrease the chances of developing a headache, which is common with racetams.

Try a stack of 400mg oxiracetam and 300mg GPC Choline one to three times a day.

Oxiracetam stacks well with aniracetam, pramiracetam, sulbutiamine and Alpha GPC or CDP choline.

Overview of Oxiracetam Supplement

Oxiracetam is an excellent nootropic whether taken on its own or added in a stack.

It provides a wide array of cognitive benefits, has practically no side effects and is safe to take, even at higher dosages.

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